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Belt Knife & Belt - $159.95

Belt knife & Leather Belt combo was designed with self-defense in mind. Manufactured by experienced craftsman using only the highest quality materials! Concealed belt knife & bottle opener with choice of belt color (Black/Brown) and size. (30-Day Money Back Or Exchange Guarantee)


- Full Grain 1.5" Wide 9-10 oz Thick Bridle Leather

- Stainless Steel Dagger 2.5" Inch Knife

- Knife Material: AEB-L Stainless Steel

- Knife Process: Cryo-Treated & Tempered 61-62 RHC

- Bottle Opener Buckle-Handle

- Heavy Duty Snaps and "Keeper" secures belt with or without knife. 

- Made In The USA (Manufactured By Burls) 

- Includes Both Knife & Choice of Belt 

- Free Shipping


Colors: Black / Brown



3-6 Days for Domestic

15-18 Days for International

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Belt Knife
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Knife Belt
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Belt Dagger Knife
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RETURNS: 30-Day Money Back Or Exchange Guarantee

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