Self Defense Ball Cap (Sap-Cap) - Black

Absolute best quality tactical self defense ballcap on the market!


Our discrete "Burls Brand Logo Ballcap" is designed with self-defense in mind and can be used as a suprise defensive weapon. Our Sap Cap also referred to as a slap cap can deliver a devastating blow, stunning any assailant. Made in the USA by Burlsusa, our one size fits all ballcap is adjustable and comfortably secures in place. We also offer a tactical version which has velcro on the front crown panel so you can display your morale patches, groups nameplates and organization logos. 


  • Discrete, undetectable personal defense Baseball-style cap hat
  • Impact resistant heavey duty Nylon ripstop pouch material
  • Steel Shot Weighted 135g Reinforced Pouch sewn into the back of ballcap
  • Similar density of lead (Non-Lead Product) 100% Safe 
  • Reinforced Ballcap designed to impact any assailant
  • Adjustable to fit all sizes
  • Made In The USA by Burls (Burls Quality - Best in the industry)



  • Standard Fit
  • Structured Crown ($1.00)
  • Morale Patch Velcro (Tactical Option - $2.00)



2-5 Days for Domestic (USPS Priority)

15-18 Days for International



30-Day Refund Or Exchange Guarantee

Burls Sap Cap - Self Defense Ball Cap Hat - Slap Cap

    Burlsusa - Burls LLC




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