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Self Defense Ball Cap | Sap Cap | Blackjack Weapon | Slap Hat

Absolute best quality tactical self defense sap cap weapon on the market!


Our discrete "Burls Brand Ballcap" is designed with self-defense in mind and can be used as a surprise defensive weapon. Our Sap Cap also referred to as a "Slap Cap", "Slapjack" or "Blackjack" weapon can deliver a devastating blow, stunning any assailant. Made in the USA by Burls, our one size fits all baseball cap is adjustable and comfortably secures in place. We offer both standard floppy and structure crown style ballcaps with a tactical option which has velcro on the front crown panel so you can display your morale patches, groups nameplates and organization logos. 


  • Discrete, undetectable personal defense Baseball-style cap hat weapon
  • Impact resistant heavy duty Nylon ripstop pouch material
  • Steel Shot Weighted 135g Reinforced Pouch sewn into the back of ballcap
  • Similar density of lead (Non-Lead Product) 100% Safe 
  • Reinforced weighted Baseball Cap designed to impact any assailant
  • Adjustable to fit any size men's or women's head
  • Made In The USA by Burls (Burls Quality Guarantee)
  • Orders shipped within one business day!



  • Standard Fit (Floppy Fit)
  • Structured Crown (Add $1.00)
  • Morale Patch Velcro (Tactical Option Add $2.00)



2-5 Days for Domestic

15-18 Days for International



30-Day Money Back Or Exchange Guarantee


INTERNATIONAL ORDERS- Buyer pays return shipping on all international ordersWe ship worldwide, but please be aware that some items might be illegal for you to import into your country. We encourage you to check with your local countries laws to ensure that this item is not confiscated by customs. Package tracking is not always possible in every country, we are not responsible for confiscated, lost or stolen packages when shipping internationally. TERMS &



- You must be 18 years or older to purchase this knife


The buyer purchasing this item, agrees and assumes both financial and legal responsibility once this product has been shipped. The buyer accepts full responsibility for the use and handling of this product and at no time can Burlsusa be held liable. The buyer is responsible for all duties, taxes and brokerage fees imposed by your locality at the time of delivery.Sap-cap, slap cap, blackjack weapon, slungshots, sap, blackjack, slapjack, cosh, billie, bludgeon weapon, leather billy club, billie club, saps, convoy, impact weapon, self defense weapon, concealed weapon, hidden weapon, weighted impact weapoall cap, self defense hat, tactical ballcap, military ballcap, security ballcap, moral patch ballcap, military hat, tactical hat, ballcap weapon.n, conceal & carry weapon, defensive weapon, striking weapon, self defense ballcap, defensive b

Sap Cap - self defense ball cap blackjack personal defense EDC Baseball cap

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